Tiger Temple Monks with Master LaoTiger Temple Monks with Master LaoMaster LaoMogu statueMogu statueLost SoulMountainside viewBalloon at the foot of the mountainBalloon at the cliff sideXuenXuenTemple of the White TigerLin TenderpawLitter of XuenLitter of Xuen sleepingLitter of Xuen snoringTemple of the White TigerTemple of the White TigerYongql BruteFire Camp YongqiPandaren jumping with a huge fishGeosynchronous World SpinnerDeckhand <Crew of the Mist-Hopper> carrying a huge fishGiant PearlDeckhand <Crew of the Mist-Hopper> busy with his photography setupSergeant WillemGilded FanGilded FanTwilight Grove entranceRuins of TheramoreGoblin bomb vaporizing Theramore IsleGoblin bomb hanging under a zeppelin ready to be droppedBig Bessa <Captain Stormwall's Tank>Baldruc <Gryphon Master> and his Theramore GryhponsCannonsBroken Incense BurnerThe First MonksWise Yang WeiKite surfingEmperor's OmenPandoso, Padaren on a HogStatue in the middle of Greenstone VillageThe ArboretumBridge over waterfallsWise MariThe Gong of HopeWandering greenbackPadaren balloon in StormwindRed Gnome mountBucktooth Flapper